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Dicas de relacionamento e networking: sem timidez! | Intercâmbio na Austrália

Há quem goste, e há quem ache ruim chegar em algum lugar em que não se conhece ninguém, mas sabe que uma hora ou outra vai precisar interagir.

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Conheça o substituto do visto 457.

Conheça o substituto do visto 457.

Desde de março de 2018, o governo australiano introduziu um novo visto de trabalho em substituição ao visto 457....

Visto Independente 189 | Parte II

Independent Visa 189 | Part II


Como falamos no artigo anterior sobre o visto 189, esse visto é baseado num Sistema de pontuação, onde são...

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Estude na Austrália e torne-se Residente Permanente (PR)

Se o seu objetivo é imigrar de forma permanente para a Austrália, estudar em um curso registrado, pode ajudar bastante na hora de aplicar para o seu visto de residência.

Migration Melbourne Engineeiring

Improve your level of employment with the program 'Professional Year!'

You who are studying or are recent graduates in engineering and are wanting to increase your chances of immigrating to Australia, have you already heard about the program?


Summer escapades Melbourne

Top 10: Summer escapades

The weekend is here and you don’t have any plan yet? Don’t worry, don’t panic, and just read the suggestions that Spiible has for you.

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PTE English test for Engineers

PTE English test for Engineers

Great news for Engineers who want to migrate to Australia!

Engineers Australia is now accepting the English proficiency test PTE.


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student fair discount

Spiible Student Fair

Spiible is hosting a big Student fair on 19/09/2017.  There is many colleges offering courses up to $6,000 OFF.  If you are in Australia and want to renew your couse this is a good oprtunity. The...

Visa Nomination Occupation List for Victoria – Immigration Victoria

The State of Victoria has published the annual Visa Nomination Occupation List. There are different job positions available for International high qualified Professionals.


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The Brave One: Sinuon

Her ambition and sweet positive attitude has got her reaching for the stars and literally living her dreams. We are so proud of her! At the age of 30 and the first time outside of Cambodia, Sinuon...

Study abroad

Sweet Pumpkin!

Leticia is a 22 years old girl and who is in her second exchange program. She has done a 6 months exchange program to study English in England where she celebrated her 18th birthday.

Study VET & Work 1.5 years Full Time

If you would like to stay in Australia to gain work experience after completing your Australian Vocational qualification you may be eligible to apply for a Post Study Work (Graduate Work Stream) ...

Australia's New Working Visa

Australia's New Working Visa

Australia will soon have four new work visas in place of  the existing Temporary Work Visas and Training and Research visas.

Sexual Health in Australia

Sexual Health in Australia

As sexuality in Australia is a topic addressed seldomly, today we will talk about sexual health in Australia. In this article, questions like ‘do i need prescription to buy birth control pills?’ ‘...

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Guide to Surviving Melbourne Public Transport

If you are new to Melbourne, all you need is a myki card to travel around by trains, trams and buses. A guide on how to survive Melbourne’s public transport is presented to you by Spiible!!

New Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)

The Australia Government has released streamlined visa processing report and simplified student visa framework (SSVF) since 16 June 2015. SSVF has been implemented successfully since mid-2016....

Which Are the Best Cities for Students in Australia

Nicole, a lifestyle blogger, is guest writing for us this week. She compares all the popular student cities in Australia so you can choose which city in Australia is perfect for you! Read about...

Understanding Australian Slang

Speaking Australian is nothing like what you can learn out of a textbook. This article will have some of the most common slang terms that you will encounter and save you from some confusion! 

Changes to the student visa programme 2016-2017

Australia's student visa programme has changed for the 2016-2017. Read about the new visa application process (simplified student visa framework SSVF) and its details here!
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The Ultimate Australian Food Guide: What you should try while you are here

What should I have for lunch? How about something Australian? Today, we talk about iconic Australian foods and what you should try while you are studying here in Australia!

Weather talk: Choosing and Preparing for your study destination

Spiible talks about the Australian climate and important things that every international student, including you, should know while they are preparing for their trip! Should you pack t-shirts,...

Skilled Migration: Will these changes to the Skilled Occupations List (2016-2017) affect you?

These predicted changes to the Skilled Occupation List for 2016-2017 may influence your eligibility to prolong your stay in Australia under the graduate work stream. We take a look at skilled...

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Writing a Standout Cover Letter

Writing a Standout Cover Letter

Writing the perfect cover letter is key to landing a job, so make sure you give employers what they're looking for.

Calculating Your Living Costs in Australia

Calculating Your Living Costs in Australia

Ever felt the pinch of financial stresses? Monetary issues are one of the biggest stresses that can impact any student, but especially international students.

How to Spend this Summer in Melbourne!

How to Spend this Summer in Melbourne!

Australia is known for it’s amazing summer, extreme heat and perfect weather. Luckily over the long summer holidays, Melbourne also has many options to keep you entertained.

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Hobart: For the Nature-Lover Within You

Tasmania, home to friendly people and beautiful scenery, will be a pleasant change from urban life, if you are even the least bit adventurous.

Brisbane: For a Perfectly Balanced Lifestyle

Brisbane: For a Perfectly Balanced Lifestyle

Life in the sunshine state is ideal for students. It’s affordable, easy to get around and there are plenty of new things to discover.

How to write the perfect resume

How to write the perfect resume

When you decide to start searching for a job in Australia, it is important to make sure your resume is perfect (can also be referred to as curriculum vitae, or

How you can use social media (for more than just finding cat videos…)

I’m sure you all use social networks in some capacity. Learn how you can use social media as a part of your study abroad experience!

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Breaking the Language Barrier

Breaking the Language Barrier

Are you thinking about studying in Australia, but worried about the challenges of being in an English-speaking country?

So, do Australians actually go to class...?

So, do Australians actually go to class...?

While studying abroad in the United States last year, one question people asked me much more than I expected was “Is it true that Australian students don’t go to classes?”.

Australia vs. Ireland: Where to study abroad

Australia vs. Ireland: Where to study abroad

We often have students coming to us asking, “why should I study in Australia?” And not just this, but also “why not Ireland?” Admittedly, we at Spiible are all a bit partial towards Australia,...

7 reasons to study in Australia

7 Reasons to Study in Australia

Choosing which country to study abroad in is a big decision, especially when you have a whole world of options available to you (literally)!

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13 intercâmbios para as férias da sua vida

Que tal usar o tempo das sua férias para aprender e se divertir ao mesmo tempo? Com intercâmbios de férias você pode fazer isso.

10 coisas que não podem faltar na sua mala de intercâmbio e viagem de férias

Sempre bate  aquela ansiedade antes de qualquer viagem e isso pode fazer com que você se esqueça de algumas coisas importantes na hora de fazer a mala.

Tudo sobre Co-op | Intercâmbio no Canadá

Está pensando em estudar e trabalhar no Canadá? Existem algumas opções mais viavéis e atrativas do que você imagina.

Intercâmbio no Canadá

Canadá é o destino mais buscado por brasileiros para  intercambio e considerado um dos melhores países, oferecendo acessibilidade, educação de primeira e qualidade de vida.

Estude e Trabalhe na Austrália | Intercâmbio na Austrália

Hoje vamos falar sobre como é possível estudar e trabalhar na Austrália, país com uma das menores taxas de desemprego do mundo

Take Control of your Time in Australia

One of the most common sources of stress is the feeling that there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. The truth is, we all have 24 hours a day.

Study Migrate Australia

Study | Live | Work in Australia

Study in Australia and increase your chances to apply ofr your PR (Permanent Residence)

If your goal is to immigrate permanently to Australia, studying in a registered course can help a lot...

Melbourne IELTS PTE

PTE or IELTS? Which one is best for me?

Are you thinking about taking one of these two English tests? this information will help you to find which one is perfect for you:

Which proficient English Test is best for me?

Melbourne, the happiest city in the world!

Melbourne, the Happiest city in the world!

THE Happiest city in the world!

Melbourne never stops surprising us.


The city was considered the Happiest city to live in the world!

Temporary Graduate Visa

Temporary Graduate Visa

Se você pretende estender sua estada na Australia após o término dos seus estudos, o Temporary Graduate Visa pode ser uma ótima opção.

Migrate to Australia, Part 2 - Apply with Spiible with up to $550 off

If you are a skilled professional with a bachelor degree in engineering and you would love the opportunity to work and live in Australia as a permanent resident, come and talk to us about your...

Work | Live | Study IT in Australia

Spiible can help you with all your migration inquires and pathways to Permanent Residency (PR). We also have Portuguese, Spanish and English native speakrs to help you out!

English Course + Special Offer! Study English in Australia!

English Course + Special Offer! Study English in Australia!

Spiible offers personalized service for students who are looking for an experience abroad, and without charging any fees!

Two new temporary skills visas - 457 Work Visa to be Abolished

On 18 April 2017, the Government announced that the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457 visa) will be abolished and replaced with the completely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa in...

Double Trouble!

That is how we describe this amazing travelling couple! Spiible is excited to help this amazing couple on their next adventure to Australia. She is coming to study and he is coming to work.

How to play Secret Santa this Xmas

The best holiday of the year has arrived and it is time to play Secret Santa! For many of us away from family, it is a great opportunity to have some fun with our friends and plan a gift exchange. We...
sexual assault

Sexual Assault

We understand that this can be a difficult topic to discuss but we know that it is important to create awareness and provide useful information for the international student community in Australia...

Melbourne Museum

Guest Article: Work Experience at Museum Victoria

I am Hans Mestizo an international Industrial design student from Colombia and I completed a work experience placement with the Exhibitions Department at Museum Victoria’s Melbourne Museum campus...

How to Choose the Best Student Accommodation

Studying overseas takes a lot of preparation and thought (and more than a few headaches), but once you have selected your course and institution, it’s time to think about accommodation.

Cambridge English exam - A better way to future

Cambridge English is a well-known approach with long-term operating experience and professional teaching and assessing  for everyone to learn.

Pathways into University: Foundation Programs

What is a Foundation Program?Foundation programs enable international students who do not meet the entry requirements of their bachelor degree to access it after completing a year of related...

Study tips that will get you an A every time

Being an international student in a new country comes with many difficulties that can prevent you from studying well. This article lists a few easy changes to how you study that can help you get the...

Skilled Migration: The 2016-2017 Skilled Occupations List (SOL) is now available

The 2016-2017 Skilled Occupation List is now available. Read about the new additions to the list and the occupations that have been removed here!

Landing your Dream Job in Hospitality: Recap of our Restaurant Skills Workshop

Do you want to work in hospitality? Serena offers helpful insight of the minds of managers who will be conducting your trial shifts  by suggesting what you SHOULD and SHOULD not be doing. This is...

Know your Rights as an International Student

All International students are protected through legislation. So do not worry and come to Australia! Read this article to find out about all the legislation and bodies that protect your rights. ...

Australia: An Education Hotspot and more!

Australia: An Education Hotspot and more!

Australia has been cited by numerous companies and countries for its excellent education, incredible social scene and the work potential for those both inside and outside its borders. 

The Australian Job Market and Work Visas

The Australian Job Market and Work Visas

Learn where the jobs are in Australia, and how you can use this to your advantage when choosing a course to study.

The Student's Guide to Tasmania

The Student's Guide to Tasmania

Tasmania is a beautiful little state. To help out the world of student travellers, here is the student’s guide to seeing Tasmania!

Mastering the Aussie accent before you arrive

Mastering the Aussie accent before you arrive

The Australian accent is unlike any other in the world. While you may be able to understand English reasonably well, you might be a little shocked when you arrive by the unusual way we talk.

Arrived in Australia? Now what?

Once you arrive in Australia, everything will be so new and exciting. However, within first two weeks in Australia, it is essential to spend some time taking care of the more formal and important...
Australian universities on the rise in world rankings!

Australian universities on the rise in world rankings!

We have always known that Australia is an incredible place both to live and study, but this year’s Times Higher Education World Rankings have made it official.

What is required for a student visa?

What is required for a student visa?

The process of applying for your Australian visa can be overwhelming. To help, this article will explain the main documents that are required for a student visa application.

Balancing Work while Studying in Australia

Balancing Work while Studying in Australia

The thought of trying to balance full-time study with work can be daunting. Add being in a new country with new cultures to this, and a whole new range of challenges can arise.

Australia vs. Canada: Where to study abroad

Australia vs. Canada: Where to study abroad

Australia or Canada? Both are large countries with beautiful landscape, with possibly the kindest, most welcoming people of anywhere in the world. So how do you choose between the two?

Australian Student Housing Explained

Australian Student Housing Explained

Looking for housing as an international student can become confusing, as there are many different options for types of accommodation.

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