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Victor Cahu's picture

Victor Cahu

3 years 7 months ago

I am currently starting my 4th and final semester of my 2 year MBA in Marketing with APIC.
Pros of my experience so far: -Excellent central location, both in Melbourne and in Sydney and friendly stuff in general (nicer in Sydney) - Very good cost benefit. The course itself costs $32K for the 2 years, but you can get a $2k scholarship per semester if you manage to have your grades above 65%, therefore, I ended up paying $24K for a 2 year course, meaning 1K per month, with is very manageable as a working student and probably the cheapest in the market to my knowledge. - Very considerable holidays (total of 6 months in 2 years), which allows you to work full time and pay your instalments without any major hustle. -Once you finish your course, you are (currently) entitled to apply for a 2 year post graduate visa (485) and definitely that is the best benefit of all. -Cons (Considering the fact I am already a professional in my area with years of experience in the industry): Education: There is no "mastering" of any subject. In fact, most of the classes are pretty much introductions of basic knowledge to the subjects. Apparently this seems to be standard with other MBAs around the country. Professors: There is a great deal of concern on bringing professionals with PHD to class, all of them with great deal of academic theoretical background, but very little of no real experience in the industry, compromising any aspirations to real practical learning and networking. Also, the great majority of them are also foreigners. Students: 90% of all classes are composed of Asians (great majority) and Latin Americans. The remaining 10% are of Europeans and there is absolutely no locals in class. Also, 80% of all students come from different backgrounds none of them working in the industry, compromising, once again, any aspirations of meeting any professionals in the area and creating a network of contacts (a great deal of the most important benefits of taking an MBA, in my opinion). Schedule: The classes are in general 2 or 3 days a week, rarely at night and never on weekends, compromising aspirations of finding jobs our areas, explaining as well why there are no Aussies or professionals in the business in class.


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