Australia vs. Ireland: Where to study abroad

We often have students coming to us asking, “why should I study in Australia?” And not just this, but also “why not Ireland?” Admittedly, we at Spiible are all a bit partial towards Australia, having all lived overseas at some point, and always coming back to settle here. However, I fully believe that Australia is the best country in the world, not just to study in, but to also live in. Here are just a few of reasons we would recommend studying abroad in Australia over Ireland.



Australia has beautiful weather; we can vouch for that. Our winters aren’t too cold, and our summers are perfect for spending the day lying on the sand at the beach. While Dublin, Ireland’s capital, received rain an average of 24 days out of each month, around Australia, this average drops to between five and ten days of rain—often for only an hour or two out of the day. I can guarantee you will spend most of your days in a T-shirt, enjoying the warm weather, rather than waiting for the rain to clear.


Large, bustling cities

One of the many things Australia is known for is our bustling, metropolitan cities. While Ireland only has one city, Dublin, with a population of over 1 million, Australia’s five largest cities are all home to between 6 million and 1 million people. Therefore, you can be sure you will experience city life in Australia—going out on the weekends, meeting many different types of people, exploring all types of cultures within the one city. There is nothing quite like the exciting, fast-paced living of Australian cities.


Public Transport

When I studied abroad, one of the biggest challenges was getting around without my car. I was living in a “large” town, with only a bus system (which didn’t even run on Sundays!). However, luckily, the cities within Australia have some of the largest and most diverse public transport systems in the world. So in Australia, you won't be stuck in your apartment on a Sunday because you can’t find a train to visit your friends (like I often was!).


Beautiful Landscape

Travelling around Australia is unlike anywhere else in the world! From large, tranquil forests, to beautiful open deserts, and some of the best beaches in the world. When you are not studying, you will be overwhelmed with options of places to explore (even I haven’t yet seen all that Australia has to offer).


There is a reason why five of the top 20 most liveable cities are in Australia. While Ireland may be able to offer you the peaceful living of Western Europe, if you are after a fun, adventurous and trouble-free experience studying abroad, you can find it all in Australia!


If you have any questions about this, or about any aspect of studying in Australia, please don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to ask questions below in the comment section, or email us directly a We are here to help!

Words by Carla Brugliera

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