The Brave One: Sinuon

The Brave One: Sinuon
Spiible is pleased to introduce to you Sinuon, our newest success story.

Her ambition and sweet positive attitude has got her reaching for the stars and literally living her dreams. We are so proud of her!
At the age of 30 and the first time she has travelled alone, Sinuon has bravely embarked on committing the next three years to studying abroad, learning English and planning for her Master’s Degree in Accounting later in the year.
She had only been in Melbourne for a week so we grabbed her to find out how is she liking it so far. Here is what she is told us:

Spiible:​ So how long have you been here in Australia?
Sinuon:​ Not long, almost one week now.

Spiible:​ Wow, how long are you going to stay in Australia?
Sinuon:​ All together I’m going to stay in Australia for about three years. That is how long it will take me to complete my English degree and Master’s in Accounting.

Spiible:​ Wow, three years! That’s a long commitment. So tell me more about which English course you are going to do and your Masters in Accounting? 
Sinuon:​ At the moment I’m studying at Ability English​ the General English course and by the end of the year I will begin planning studying a Masters degree in Accounting. I have to complete the English course first and then I can look further into my Masters.

Spiible:​ Wow you are very busy, sounds like you are really making the most out of this opportunity! Tell me, how are you enjoying Melbourne​?
Sinuon:​ Yes, I’m enjoying Melbourne so much. Is such a lovely friendly city.

Spiible:​ We love it too. So what do you like about Melbourne?
Sinuon:​ Australia is a really big and has a lot of good qualities, and offer excellent education opportunities. I am very excited to be achieving my education goals here. I have found that the people are very nice, friendly and helpful! And the food is fantastic, especially the fruit and the vegetables - they are all a lot bigger. My first impressions of Australia is that it is like the golden lands as everything grows very well, everything is thing is very fruitful. These are some of my favourite things so far.

Spiible:​ Tell me how you found out about Spiible​?
Sinoun:​ I heard about Spiible through a friend in Singapore who came to study in Melbourne and she advised me to direct through an agency in Australia. I started by doing some research on the internet and found Spiible. I went onto the Spiible home page to look at courses and ended up chatting with Mauricio in the chatbox. He was wonderful, after that I felt very confident and happy because he answered all my questions and helped me find the English course I was after. Mauricio even called me back to find out how I was going.
As Eglish is not my first language, I sometimes find it hard to understand but Mauricio was so patient with me and made it very easy to follow and understand. He explained it very well. Because I was able to understand him, I quickly built trust in him and then trust in Spibble.

Spiible:​ Tell me what Mauricio helped you with?
Sinuon:​ I explained to Mauricio what I wanted to achieve while studying in Australia and working from that he explained to me what courses I should look at to imporve my English, which visa I needed to apply for and how to do this and so much more. He explained all this very well and that is how I built trust in him and in Spiible. Building this trust was important to me because this is the first experience I have of travelling to another country by myself. When I went to Singapore the company I worked with arranged everything, but doing it all by myself was scary and a big step. With Spiible, I felt so confident and comfortable in making the move. Mauricio explained everything very well, and worked so hard for me to make sure I got the right course and everyone else at Spiible was so helpful and provided me with the right advice. I really admire the Spiible staff, how well you take care of students, you all really go above and beyond to take care of us. You did it so I can come here and achieve my goals.

Spiible:​ It’s so nice having students like you, you make a difference and it's so lovely.
Sinuon: ​In the future, if friends of mine needs an agency I will introduce them to Spiible, I will definitely tell them about Spiible.

Spiible: ​Why thank you. You are now a part of the family.
Sinuon: ​This is me achieving my biggest goal in life, and Spiible are helping me. I just want to thank you so much for working so hard for working as a team to help me achieve my dreams.

Helping students like Sinuon on the journey to achieving their dreams is our passion here at Spiible. 
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