Getting around Melbourne: How Google Maps made public transportation for visitors to Melbourne even easier to use

An inevitable worry for all visitors who have just arrived in a foreign place is undeniably how do we get to where we want and what happens if we get lost? This worry is further amplified when visitors are trying to use public transportation and have a language barrier, where travellers have to try and decode what the kind stranger who is trying to direct them is saying. But please do not fear because technology is here to protect us! Google Maps, which has been a revolutionary web mapping service, now includes Melbourne public transport. This means, from now on, we can easily work out for ourselves how to get where we want no matter where we’re from and what language we speak. 

How do we use it?
This new function is simply an add-on to the original Google Maps. Just like how you would use Google Maps, you input where you are (or use the location tool), where you want to go and modify the other settings to what you need (for example the arrival or departure time) and you search! The handy public transport add-on can be found when pressing the bus symbol.  When the bus symbol is selected, it lists which public transport services are appropriate, how often they come and how long the trip would take you

Photo from ABC News 

This is definitely a technological advancement that Spiible welcomes. If you have any questions about this new feature of Google Maps or are thinking about living and studying in Australia and harbour some worries or doubts, please feel free to contact us via the comment section, or email us directly at We are here to help! 

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