Guest Article: Work Experience at Museum Victoria

I am Hans Mestizo an international Industrial design student from Colombia and I completed a work experience placement with the Exhibitions Department at Museum Victoria’s Melbourne Museum campus in 2014. My work placement was a value experience that helped me to develop and gain new professional skills; as well as, learning more about Melbourne history and natural heritage.

The Melbourne Museum is an amazing space and combines the work of multiple professions. Flexibility and teamwork are the main skills I have developed by working in the Museum. The Exhibition Producer, Kathy Fox, encouraged me to think outside my profession, and work with the Science Department and Media Department. Within the Design Department, I received feedback from graphic and interior designers. I have learned how to direct my own project, from research to prototype, and also about the safety requirement that are part of the design of products for children.

After being in the different departments at the Melbourne Museum, I think it’s like a mini city. The relationship between each department is systemic. I was inspired to create my concept after being in the Science Department and seeing the process of animal taxidermy. The research groups at the Museum are fantastic, and it was always surprising to receive various kinds of information from them. The Media Department helped to develop the technical aspects of my proposal, and without their help I may have never finished my prototype. Kathy Fox and Peter Wilson, the directors of my projects, guided my work through their experience and helped me find the best solutions.



These pictures are of the prototype. The object changes its color based on the movement produced by the audience playing with the object. The objective of the light installation is to use technology to encourage play and physical activity.

Working in the Melbourne Museum is the most valuable memory in my student life because and it was a fantastic way of learning about Melbourne’s history, flora, fauna, culture and people. I would like to recommend everyone to visit the Melbourne Museum, because their exhibitions are designed to offer the best experience for their visitors. 

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