Independent Visa - 189

Independent Visa - 189

Understand if and how can you apply for it.

189 independent visa is one of the the biggest dreams for those who want to migrate to Australia.

This is a Permanent Resident Visa, which works with a punctuation system on qualified work fields and with no needs of sponsorship from any business, state or territory, or family.


There are 3 steps to apply for 189 visa:

EOI - Expression of Interest

Invitation - Get an invitation from The Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Applying - applying for the visa


Which are the prerequisites to apply for the 189 visa?

Skills Assessment - skills test in the chosen field, according to the Occupational Lists.

English - it is necessary to have the required level of English and it is also a great option to make a higher punctuation in this application.

E.g. - those who  get at least 6 in each category in IELTS, get the minimum required. Other tests than IELTS are also accepted by the Department of Immigration. Usually the English tests are valid for 3 years.

Get at least 65 points - this visa is based in a points System which the following aspects are needed: qualification level, age, English level and professional experience.

Invitation - you must be invited from The Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Age - you must have less than 50 years old.

Which are the most needed occupations in the lists in Australia?

Australia has some occupation list, where your search should start from to find out if you are eligible or not to apply. Click here and get to know the lists!

What is the EOI - Expression of Interest?

To be eligible to send EOI, you must make at least 65 points as previously mentioned

The Application Process.

You can only apply for the 189 when you are invited by the Department. The application is made online and you can apply inside or outside Australia. Those who apply inside Australia will receive a Bridging Visa at the end of the application.


How frequent are the invitations?

Every month The Department of Immigration and Border Protection issue EOI (Expression of Interest). To those candidates with the same number of points, the one who applied first will get it.

Do not miss out next article, where we will explain about the basic punctuation to apply for the 189 visa.


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