Know your Rights as an International Student

Quality Assurance of the education sector is vital to a striving and respectable education system in the eyes of both domestic and international students. For those planning to study in Australia and worrying about being scammed or mistreated by the education system here, we offer relief in telling you that your rights are a major priority of the Australian government. As Spiible concurrently operates as an education agent, we know a lot about the mechanisms that seek to protect international students so trust our government and trust us!
Some bodies that you may want to know of are the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF), Universities Australia (UA), the Tertiary Quality and Standards Agency (TESQA), the Australian Skills Quality Agency (ASQA) and the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). These bodies all provide a framework that protects the rights of international students.
The Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF)
  • All VET training providers must meet a national set of standards to be registered as such.  These standards refer to specific qualifications or units of competences in one or more national industry training packages.
Universities Australia (UA)
  • Ensures that Australian universities comply with their ‘Code of Ethical Practice’ that is a set of assurances on a number of matters that are valuable and relevant to international students’ study experience.
  • The ethical code assures that Australian institutions will maintain academic standards, be accurate and honest in the provision of information to prospective students, care about the welfare of international students, be sensitive to cultural differences, and carry out the commitments made to them by education agents that represent the university, and for refund matters.
  • Provides legislative instruments that protect students on matters related to the registration process obligations of registered providers, the Tuition Protection Service and the enforcement and compliance powers. These influence issues such as the portion of unspent pre-paid fees in the event of a provider default or if a student is unable to obtain a visa; the notice a provider must give in the event of a provider or student default; and outlining the criteria that would deem a course a ‘suitable alternative course’.
The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA)
  • Regulates and assures the quality of Australia’s entire higher education sector. It does this by registration and re-registration processes and through course accreditation and reaccreditation for providers without self-accrediting authority.
The Australian Skills Quality Agency (ASQA)
  • National regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector. It also does this by registration and registration processes, and through course accreditation and re-accreditation for providers without-accrediting authority.
The Tuition Protection Service (TPS)
  • Australian government initiative that serves to outline what the Australian government will do in the case that an educational provider is unable to fully deliver their course of study to international students enrolled in that course.
Our Spiible platform also offers a bonus security feature for international students choosing their courses in Australia. Students are encouraged to review their course and tell us details about their study experience with their institution without the glamour of marketing and promotions! If students loved their experiences in a course or an institution, we would love to hear about it too. This way, we get the real information about how the institutions are performing from students that have previously studied or are currently studying that course. This would protect future students from enrolling in undesirable or negatively rated courses and save themselves from regrettable study choices and also let the successful and well-loved courses to shine. 
We would be very grateful if all Spiible mates and readers reviewed their courses. This input will help future international students gain valuable information about their desired course and help them make great choices! Prospective students can find this information at the bottom of the course or institution’s page.  

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