Landing your Dream Job in Hospitality: Recap of our Restaurant Skills Workshop

Last Thursday (April 20th, 2016), Spiible hosted a restaurant work skills workshop at Il Gambero in Carlton that saw over 50 enthusiastic guests who wanted to know more about getting a job in hospitality. This was a phenomenal response and we were very happy to see everyone who came.
Personally, we always love the presentations that the presenter Serena gives and we hope that you enjoyed it too. Her insights are informative and helpful and since she has so much experience with working in and managing a restaurant, she definitely has the knowledge and advice that can help land your perfect hospitality job.  I wish I knew all the things she told us when I was looking for my first hospitality job – it would have saved me from so many job rejections and sadness. I probably would have earned many months’ rent in the time I could have earned working rather than applying for more jobs!
We have also heard fantastic feedback from the attendees. A special congratulations to Yune Harris who got her first job after attending the workshop! We’re incredibly happy for you and we are very glad that our workshop has helped you. Also, we heard from Serena that some of the attendees actually work at her restaurant for her now. These workshops are a great way to showcase your own skills and passion, and we hope you two are are glad you came! Congratulations to you all and we hope you love your new jobs! These workshops and their ability to help you is exactly what makes our work so rewarding for us.
For those who could not come, we will not be greedy with our new learned knowledge but share a snippet of the presentation with you:
Serena gave brilliant insight about three key things employers will be looking for and how you can tweak your approach to land that perfect job.
  1. First Impressions
  2. Trial Shifts
  3. Customer Service
Here’s a snippet of the valuable things we wish we knew:
  • Never hand in your resume during peak hour
    • Handing in your resume at this time means that you do not know how crazy working in hospitality can get! Come at a quieter time if you do not want your resume thrown in the trash!
  • It’s fine if you have do not have experience – just be honest
    • If you get caught lying about all the experience you have, you will see the door very quickly!
  • Do not be late for a trial shift, ever. If you are late, let them know ahead of time and apologise sincerely.
    • It is respectful in Australian culture to be on time. If you are late and have a valid reason, letting them know ahead of time and apologising sincerely is respectful and polite and it shows that you really care about working there.
Spiible is regularly planning events and workshops that can help international students gain valuable skills and knowledge about studying and finding work in Australia. For updates about future events, remember to ‘like’ us on Facebook or ‘follow’ us on Twitter.


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