New minimum Score in the Migration List, Australia.

G'Day Mates! Ready for some news about the changes in the list of Mid ?

The department of immigration of Australia has instituted a new minimum score tfor those who applicants to the TOP 3 immigration visas in Australia will have to attain.

From this week (July 1, 2018), applicants for the 189, 190 and 489 visas will have to perform a minimum of 65 points, five more than the previous value of 60 points.

These categories are:

189 - Skiiled Independent

190 - Skilled Nominated

489 - Regional Sponsored

If you would like to apply to one of those visas, or any other type of visa, if you need the right advice or information about courses and visas to live, study and work in Australia, please contact our Certified Migration Specialist by the Australian Government, Fernanda Souza.

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