Study tips that will get you an A every time

Bad news but exams are approaching! We may not like exams but if we know how to study correctly it will help you turn this sad occasion into one with a happy ending!


What makes it harder for international students to study well?

There are many obstacles that an international student may face that may affect their ability to study well for their exams.

International Students may

  • Be side-tracked with the excitement of being in a new place and meeting new friends and prefer to enjoy their time than study.
  • Face a language barrier– it is harder to understand things when it is not in your native language.
  • Face financial restraints - Most international students have a part-time job to pay for rent, food, and other things. However, some domestic students may not experience that as they could live with government support or live at home with family.  So naturally, international students have less time to focus on their schoolwork.'
  • Feel overwhelmed or stressed to study effectively because have deal with studying in a new country with a new language and a new culture so they perform less well than domestic students.


Some Study Tips that may Change your Life

Here are some tips that may help you study well and get the amazing results you deserve. After trying out some of these, you will have very positive results to tell your family and friends at home: “I got all As on my assignments and tests in Australia!”


Tip #1 – Study with friends

Studying can be boring and you may feel lonely at times, especially if you have to study for a long time. Studying with your friends some times may help you ease that loneliness and also help improve your concentration and understanding of the content.


Furthermore, your friends may understand something that you do not understand, and you may understand something that they do not understand. Studying with more people is very helpful for problem solving and analysing things as you would have more perspectives. However, make sure they are talking about the work and nothing else! Don’t let your friends become distractions!


Tip #2 – Take a note of what you do not understand


If you do not understand something in class, write it down, highlight or underline it in class and look up the word or ask the teacher, STRAIGHT AFTER class. If it helps, write a short summary in your native language to make sure you understand it later on when you are studying. You should do this as early as possible so you do not forget about it until the last minute. You do not need that stress when you have a deadline!


Tip #3 – Have good snack food

Study with healthy snacks can help you keep your mind on your study materials. You cannot study well if you are thinking about food!


Tip #4 – Know when to take breaks

Your brain runs like a battery and it cannot work if there is no power!! After a while of studying, your body will know that you are overworked will and need some time to recharge and relax. After you return to work after a break, your concentration will increase drastically and you will learn things a lot easier and clearer than if you did not take a break.



Tip #5 – Prioritise

Make a list of everything you need to do to prepare for that exam or items that you need completed for an assignment, list them in the order of importance and set a deadline for each. Do the most important and helpful items first and make sure you do them before the deadline. This will ensure that you have done the most important things just in case you run out of time!



Tip #6 – Sleep

Sleep consolidates your memory and ensures that what you have spent valuable time memorising stays in your mind, so it is very important if you are studying for an exam. If you do not sleep, or sleep too little, it will inhibit your ability to keep those new learned knowledge from staying in your brain. Studying too late into the night will not help you one bit!


Tip #7 – Exercise

Make sure you get at least 30 minutes of exercise or physical activity to make sure your body is functionally optimally. Your entire body needs to be optimised, not just your brain!


Tip #8 – Plan when you are going to your study and what you will be doing


As international students, you will have many things you need to do. Remember to save some time every day according to your availability so you can truly focus on your study requirements. Also, you should ask for less work during important times of the year so your main focus is on studying.

During your study time, you should plan what you will be doing in that time according to your priorities. Ensure that you have allocated time for everything you need to do to study well – maybe you need time to memorise key words, time for reading through your notes, or anything else you need time for such as drawing diagrams, writing notes, listening to lectures. Make sure that you use the methods that best suit your learning needs and that you have allocated enough time to complete the task!


Tip #9 – Believe that you will get a good result if you work hard

Any basic psychology student has heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Basically, your expectations influence your outcome. If you believe that you will get good results, you will more likely get them!


Tip #10 – Choose a quiet place to study

Studying occurs best when you are in a quiet, non-distractive atmosphere. Do not study when you are TOO comfortable. That is, no beds, no couches! That is why libraries are such a good place. Libraries should be quiet and everyone around you is studying so you will want to study as well!




What are your best studying techniques? Leave a comment below, we’d love to know! If you have any questions about studying or living in Australia, feel free to contact us at, contact our staff on Facebook or come visit us at our office at Level 5, Office 2, 342 Flinders Street, Melbourne, 3000.





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