Tips on VET or Higher Education, Bachelor and Masters degree for study abroad in Australia.

It's not just about English courses. You can study abroad or extend your stay in Australia through vocational and higher education options that contribute to your career and create new opportunities for post-study visa and even residence in the australian country. Let's talk here about two categories of courses and the advantages that each offers.


VET Courses

VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses offer qualification and practical teaching focused in employment. They are courses below the considered "Higher Education" and include a series of certifications that can be used as a differential in the search for a job in the Australian labor market. They are:

  • I, II, III and IV Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma

VET courses are cost-effective and are highly sought after by those who want a simpler and more practical approach to learning in the pursuit of skills that contribute to their employment. Of course, they do not offer the same depth of teaching and recognition that higher education courses offer and do not have any extra attributes for those who wish to extend their stay in Australia after their studies. Different from the next category we will address.


Higher Education Courses (Bachelor, Masters and others)

Higher education courses offer professional qualification with an emphasis on knowledge, theory, personal attributes and professional skills development. Some of these courses are generalist and others go through specific vocation lines, leading to clearly identified and increasingly specialized careers. These courses are:

  • Bachelor
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Master
  • Doctorate degree

Uma vantagem muito importante dos cursos de ensino superior, caso ele tenha duração igual ou maior a 2 anos, é que eles permitem que o estudante aplique para permanecer no país, mesmo após os estudos, por MAIS 2 ANOS. É o chamado Visto 485 - Post-Study Visa. Outro ponto importante é que este visto permite trabalho em tempo integral. Benefícios que o visto de estudante de um curso VET não permite.

A very important advantage of higher education courses, if it lasts 2 years or more, is that they allow the student to apply stay in the country, even after studies, for 2 YEARS MORE. It is the so-called Visa 485 - Post-Study Visa. Another important point is that this visa allows full-time work. Benefits that the student visa of a VET course does not allow.


Pricing and Final Comparison

VET costs vary from AUD 6,000/year (private institutions) to AUD14,000 (public institutions/TAFEs)

Bachelor's and Master's degrees varies between AUD 12,000/year and AUD 40,000+/year (renowned public universities)

What no one tells you: What is really worth more???


What really is worth more

Many try to get a longer stay in Australia, but do not build the right path to do so or end up being intimidated by the initial value they see in the price lists of institutions and agencies, but few consider this:


Staying in Australia while attending VET:

AUD 6,000/year. Mandatory study throughout the stay and limit to 20 hours of work per week.

Costs and risks of visa renewal for each new course.

20 hours/week of salary x4.

Pros: Who wants to stay for a short time in the country, pay a smaller amount in the short term.

Cons: Who wants to qualify better for the market; does not offer the freedom to work longer hours; risk of renewal of a recurring visa.


Stay in Australia studying Bachelor, Masters or equivalent:

AUD 12,000/year. After the end of the course, permit to stay in Australia for 2 years without cost of studies, with visa 485.

40 hours/week of salary x4.

Fewer visa applications, much lower risk, immigration has much greater acceptance.

Pros: This option can be a lot cheaper, from a 3-years stay. The cost per year of the course is diluted, since the post-study period you no longer have to worry about these costs. Fewer visa applications and more free time to work: 40 hours/week. Professional qualification is superior and paves the way for superior local employment and international careers. Australian immigration sees much more favorably the arguments of request for those going to the country to study higher education.

Cons: Requires intermediate-advanced English


Summing UpStudying a higher education course (bachelors, masters or equivalent) is an incredible option and it is not explored by people. The initial cost seems to frighten you, but when you analyze the details, it's a much more viable situation for those who want to qualify better, have more time (and life in Australia), and finally lets you put together a good amount of money for your future plans or for the return to your home country.


Spiible is always working hard for the best deals and incredible prices for those who wish to achieve a Bachelor Degree or Masters Degree in Australia. Contact us!

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